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We do not compete on price. We compete on customer satisfaction, service, and the best selection of specialty cuts and meats. Read our Client Comments. Not all meat shops are the same. Tenderland serves “meats of distinction”.

Located in the heart of Vancouver in the Granville Island Public Market, Tenderland Meats serves clients all over Greater Vancouver and across British Columbia. Vancouver, Burnaby, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, New Westminster, Richmond, Coquitlam, Surrey, Fraser Valley, Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island, and all over.

We are different. Give us a try!

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Tenderland Meats - Vancouver, Granville Island
Alan L.

If you want the best meat in Vancouver this is the place to go! Best selection great staff and good prices. If you want something special talk to Mike, the owner, he'll fix you up with anything you need. My suggestion for beef lovers would be to splash out on a Tomahawk rib steak, a bit spendy but if you want the ultimate in steak this is it period, end of statement!!! If you're a lamb lover the butterflied legs are awesome. And if it's pork you dig, try the honey garlic ribs on the barbecue, super porky goodness. If it's something a bit more exotic such as game meats just ask, if it's not in stock it cane usually be had in short order. If you want great meat and super personalized service Tenderland is the place to go.


Tom B.

The prices are good. The people are really, really pleasant, friendly, and nice. The selection is great, from beautiful steaks through some appetizing-looking stew meat choices. All the best of my favorite food group is on display, with thoughtful editing making the most of the space available. It's not a small butcher's, but it's not exactly a supermarket.

- TOM B.

Anthony C.

Tenderland is my first choice for meats in Vancouver. Super duper numero uno!


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Tenderland Meats, Vancouver, Granville Island
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